About us

About Daytona Automobil

Daytona-Automobil is a sports car company that buys, sells and distributes exclusive cars to customers throughout Europe.

With long experience in the industry and a large international network, we can help you through the entire buying and selling process in a safe, smooth and accurate way.

Daytona-Automobile’s founder, Daniel de Spinola, has worked in the industry since 2005 and has accumulated contacts and experience to make Daytona-Automobil a reliable supplier of cars. Our vision is to be 100% customer oriented and to always listen to what the customer wants, both today and in the future.


Of course we can help you with export, contact us for more information.

We offer both finance and leasing with good interest rates.

We specialize in unique cars, but it happens that we also work with more normal cars.

Of course, we offer warranty for cars that no longer have a new car warranty.

We offer additional warranties through our partners.

The majority of cars we get through our international contact network. But it also happens that customers put their cars on sale through us, or alternatively trade them in.

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