Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index reports an increase of 288% in the value of collectible cars over a ten-year period.

Invest in cars

At Daytona Automobil, we specialize in buying and selling hyper, sports, and classic cars. For some of our customers, these fantastic vehicles represent both a dream and a lucrative investment.

We have previously seen good returns on these investments, making them an attractive alternative to traditional financial instruments such as real estate, stocks, and bonds. Moreover, it is a fun and engaging investment where you not only see numbers on a screen but can enjoy the physical asset.


Market Insight

Investing in cars requires both in-depth market insight and the ability to identify unique objects. At Daytona Automobil, we have the ability to find unique cars, for example, with low mileage, special color combinations, and limited production quantities. Our daily contact with collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts around the world gives us a unique insight into market trends and opportunities.

We regularly participate in prestigious auctions, events, and fairs globally, which gives us direct access to certain cars and the opportunity to network with other players in the industry. Our presence at these events keeps us updated on the latest trends and insights, which is directly reflected in our investment strategies.


At Daytona Automobil, we combine our extensive experience with a deep passion for unique cars, giving us the knowledge required to navigate this unique market. Investing in a car is vastly different from traditional investments; it requires a combination of meticulous data analysis and comprehensive knowledge of the unique characteristics of the cars.

Our extensive experience and our broad international network give us access to information that is often out of reach for others. This network allows us to gain insights into specific cars that would otherwise be unavailable. Sometimes, this information reveals unique aspects that can influence a purchase, while positive information about a car’s provenance can enhance its value.

We have the ability to identify the critical details that affect a car’s market value. By combining detailed data analysis with comprehensive knowledge of cars, we can offer our customers unparalleled service and help them make well-grounded investment decisions.

Our methodical and comprehensive analysis process ensures that every investment is carefully reviewed and strategically planned. With Daytona Automobil, our customers not only gain access to unique cars but also get a partner who is committed to maximizing their returns and minimizing their risks. We are here to guide our customers through the entire investment process, from selection to sale, with meticulousness and expertise.

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We welcome our customers to contact us to book a meeting where we can discuss their individual needs and goals. During the meeting, we go through which type of car and investment horizon would best suit each individual customer. Thereafter, we create tailored prospects with cars that we believe are the most suitable and promising for that specific customer.

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